Why we need men’s rights.

Sometimes I question the need for a men’s rights movement. Sure I know rationally that its needed, I know that according to statistics its needed. But the thing is on a day to day basis I don’t deal with a great deal of discrimination. I have a girlfriend who shows me respect, I go to a university which is refreshing not as political as some others, not that we have no protests just very few. In general if I didn’t choose to be an MRA, active on MRA sites, and generally surround myself with MRA material, I really don’t think I would even think of men’s issues. They would simply cease to exist. And that is sort of a depressing though. But its not true. Today I had an experience which made me remember that the need for a men’s rights movement is real. It took the form of a joke one which was very poignant.

My class needed to enter into an equipment shop, there were two mechanics showing us some things. The one mechanic, a young man introduced his assistant an old man of maybe 50 years. The younger of the two men pointed out that the older man should have retired, but said he couldn’t because if he does now his ex-wife would get 60% of his retirement. The joke fell flat, and there was awkward silence before he began demonstrating something else.

All I could think of was this poor man, he was old, had a speech impediment, had worked hard for many years in a dangerous job of all people he deserved to be treated better than that. These are the moments when I am reminded just how real the need for a men’s rights movement is.


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