A new blog.

I started a blog on here about a year ago, it has a total of 8 posts. But I feat that it was a bit more angry, and a bit less though out than I wanted. Although this username is still very anonymous, Chicago is a city of 300 million, I have started posting comments across the net using this alias. The goal of this blog is to be similar to my other blog, more throughly though out and less rant like. Basically this is the blog that I won’t be embarrassed if someone sees.

This blog will be dedicated to discussion of men’s issues from a man’s perspective, including my on male female relationships, the experiences of my childhood, and my perspective on our current culture and its effects on the well being of both men and women.

Background I’m a student finishing a BS in a lucrative field. I came of age through the midst of the last decade. I am passionate about what I write; however, I also believe that critical though is central to what I write. Therefore I welcome all comments critical or otherwise so long as they further the analysis of the topic discussed. Disparaging, violent, or specious attacks will not be tolerated, and will result in a swift ban.

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